Shahana Mehta | About
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Photocredit: Pinterest

About me


Shahana comes from a family of avid photographers so using the camera wasn’t something new for her.


The turning point was when she went to ‘The big Apple’ to attend a few classes on Photography. A summer changed the way she perceived photography for life.


Shahana’s decision of becoming an entrepreneur mum wasn’t hard because it gave her the freedom to continue her design work as well as gave her ample opportunities to hone her photography skills.


Being a creative person she often finds herself using her creative skills to design photo books, announcement cards or simply design great packaging for her clients.


For Shahana family matters the most. You can often find her capturing and documenting her daughter and believes that one day she could possibly churn up something extremely creative with the bag of images she has.


Her first love has been design and Art Direction and has always welcomed challenging projects.


Shahana is currently working as an Art Director and Photographer in Dubai.